At Delaware Tech we are an open-admission institution of higher education committed to Delawareans - to the success of our students, the local employers who hire our graduates, and our communities! Every year, tens of thousands of Delawareans take advantage of the opportunities for lifelong learning at Delaware Technical Community College including: degree programs that prepare them to go directly into the workforce; connected degree programs with area institutions for associate degree students seeking bachelor’s degrees; general education courses; workforce training and customized corporate training programs for adults in the workplace; summer camps for kids; and courses designed to enlighten and enrich the lives of retirees.

Delaware Tech has earned its place as an educational leader in the state. The College is respected and trusted at the state and national levels because of its hallmarks of commitment, responsiveness, and vision. Delaware Tech has earned a place in the hearts of Delawareans, too. They realize their College provides them with high-quality educational programs that are convenient, flexible and affordable.

The College is fully accredited by the Commission on Higher Education, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Our Promise to You

We promise to:

  • Welcome Delawareans of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Support student success through the personalized attention we give to our students.
  • Help students graduate.
  • Develop relevant, high-quality educational programs that prepare Delaware's workforce and support the state's economic development efforts.
  • Embrace innovative ideas and technology that lead to increasingly better preparation of Delawareans for the workforce.
  • Pursue partnerships with businesses, industry, and state and local government in order to better meet the needs of our communities.
  • Support the lifelong educational needs of the communities in which our campuses reside.


We are the First State’s only community college with four convenient locations:

  • The Jack F. Owens Campus is in historic Georgetown, the county seat of Sussex, the southernmost of Delaware’s three counties.
  • The Charles L. Terry, Jr. Campus serving Kent County is in Dover, the state capital.
  • The Stanton Campus is located in suburban Stanton and serves New Castle County residents.
  • The Orlando J. George, Jr. Campus located in the heart of Wilmington serves New Castle County, where more than half of Delaware’s population lives.